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Like Airbnb, Uber, Monzo, Deliveroo and WeWork before them, Selina is using technology to redefine their industry and revolutionise how we work and travel.

Selina is a global hotel chain that’s setting the hospitality and investment industry alight by utilising clever technology, beautiful design and unique entertainment programmes. Its phenomenal success has already attracted influential investors including: Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries, Sir Ronald Cohen and Colony LatAm Partners, helping push Selina to a valuation of $850m in just five years.

Now, for the first time ever, you can invest alongside them.

An Investment Opportunity Like No Other

Selina creates destination hotels that fit comfortably and effortlessly with local culture. In this way, they provide a base for travellers, a work space for freelancers, a social hub for locals and an entertainment programme that includes all.

Cogress’ exclusive investment partnership with Selina gives our investors unique access to two of this market disruptor’s most crucial territories: the UK and Portugal.

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So what are you waiting for?

Selina. The Hotel Chain Redefining How We Use Property

Selina. The Hotel Chain Redefining How We Use Property

Selina was founded by Rafi Museri and Daniel Rudasevski in 2014. These avid travellers were the first to recognise the unmet needs of a fast-growing market.

That unserved market is the world’s 2.4bn millennials and digital nomads. This demographic seeks and craves opportunities to travel and experience other cultures whilst working remotely. Selina satisfies their needs to do it all. It creates a community in each location, enabling travellers to meet and connect with other like-minded people and locals.

Traditional hotels lack the infrastructure and insight to meet the demands of this lucrative group. Through their proprietary technology and insight, Selina are already changing how this market perceives and uses the buildings around us – and our attitude to work and travel.


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What makes Selina different? It’s the world’s first complete ecosystem for modern travellers.

Selina significantly differs from other hotel chains in four key ways.

1. Fulfilling an unmet need

Selina Hotels provide stunning, beautifully designed places to stay where guests have a choice of accommodation to suit their budget and lifestyle. Importantly, this is blended with everything millennials and digital nomads need to work remotely and stay connected. All they demand and require, whilst being inspired by stunning beaches, lush jungles or vibrant cosmopolitan centres.

Every location is an magnetic hub for local cuisine, events, music and art, all designed to connect travelling millennials and locals; bringing together people from different cultures and providing them with the experiences they crave.

2. Powered by technology

Selina’s technology arm is based in Israel where the team is charged with developing the company’s technical platform. This tech collates customer insight and business intelligence, and includes a central reservations system and property management software specifically designed to identify and maximise revenue opportunities.

3. Innovative growth model

Selina’s success is due in part to a streamlined model that facilitates fast growth and low capital investment. The company sources existing underperforming hotels, and relies on local property partners to finance conversion; third party investments secured with a first charge against the lease and a profit share arrangement.

4. First Mover Advantage

Selina is the only global brand currently operating in and exploiting this newly defined and rapidly growing market. This provides a huge commercial advantage by establishing the industry standard, thereby creating strong brand recognition and loyalty.

The Future Of Investing

By 2023, Selina intends to have 170,000 beds globally, launch in 21 new countries and increase revenues by 550% to $2.6bn. High profile investors have been quick to invest in Selina’s potential, and now so can you.

Cogress’ partnership with this global growth machine gives our investors exclusive access to Selina’s portfolios in the UK and Portugal. Register below and discover how you can invest in Selina and earn up to 12% p.a.

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